The game is simple, you have to catch hacks (the one with the same colour as in sidebar) before time runs out, else you will be hacked.
Anyone who can find 15+ hacks are hackers
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Its my first polished game I believe, and I am happy to just put it out.
Thanks to James The Colonizer, who motivated me to make a small game in the first place by his best selling

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Musics :
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


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Version 4


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It’s addictive

Thanks alot !




Good game for catching hacks. Very difficult though, only for pro-hackers.

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Thanks!!, though I will try to make a better game of your type! One of my favourite hackers!

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Fun game!

Couple notes:
* Hit detection is broken though and doesn't work most of the times on the first click.
* There's basically no way to loose when you're decent at the game. I get more and more bonus time and before I got bored I had like 200 seconds to spare so I just let it run out.
* You might want to introduce a mechanic to make it more difficult the longer the game goes (=> For example by making the hacks move quicker)

Thanks for the comments and valuable feedback, I will try to fix the same :D